Telephone betting

Lodgement guide for conducting telephone betting on sports or racing events.

Betting Control Regulations 71 and 72.

The conduct of telephone betting enables licensed bookmakers fielding at a racecourse to accept bets via the telephone from punters off-course.

The Betting Control Regulations 1978 require that a bookmaker intending to conduct telephone betting must first obtain authorisation from the Gaming and Wagering Commission and the relevant authority controlling the racecourse.The authorisation includes a requirement for the telephone betting unit to be presented to the commission for audit testing prior to it being utilised.

Acquisition of the necessary handset and the associated programming of the central recording system is the bookmaker’s responsibility. This can be arranged through the WA Bookmakers’ Association.

Legislative and operational requirements for the conduct of a telephone betting operation

  1. The telephone system shall be of a type approved by the Commission.
  2. All inward and outward telephone lines used for betting purposes shall have attached securable voice logging equipment of a type approved by the Commission.
  3. Consent to the voice logging of the betting transactions must be obtained from all telephone bettors.
  4. All telephone betting transactions shall be recorded through voice logging equipment.
  5. The full details of each bet received, including the betting ticket number and account number, shall be confirmed with the bettor by the bookmaker or an agent or employee of the bookmaker, before the conclusion of the telephone conversation.
  6. Tapes, when used to record betting transactions, shall:
    1. be held by the stewards; and
    2. be maintained as betting records for inspection or audit by any authorised person.
  7. The voice logging equipment used shall be sealed by, and only accessible by or in conjunction with, a Betting Steward or other authorised person.
  8. Details of all bets received by telephone are to be recorded separately.
  9. Where an offer of a bet by telephone is not confirmed, the transaction does not invalidate the bet.
  10. If you intend conducting telephone betting on racing events the following applies:
    • If the bet is on a race being conducted at another race meeting in the State, you require the consent of the committee or controlling authority of the race meeting; and
    • No minimum bet limit restrictions apply.
  11. The use of the telephone is for incoming calls only. Commission approval must be given for out going calls for bet back purposes.

Application fees

The application fee must be lodged with the application. Please refer to the fee schedule below. Please note that the application cannot be examined until the fee is received. Generally, the application fee is not refundable, even if the application is refused or withdrawn.

Fee description Fee
Application for a designated sporting event
Application for on-course telephone betting
Application for on-course internet betting$364
Application for approval to use a computer betting ledger system$77
Application for offshore betting$703

Application requirements

When lodging an application for a authorisiation to conduct telephone betting on sports or racing events the following information is to accompany the application:


Submitting your application

Ensure all required documentation is attached to your application.

In person

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Level 2, Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William Street Perth WA 6000

By email

Ensure all documentation is attached to your email.

By post

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

PO Box 8349
Perth Business Centre
WA 6849

Page reviewed 28 January 2020