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The Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Bill 2019 (the Bill) has been introduced into Parliament after overwhelming support was received from Western Australians for the proposed reforms.

The Bill makes amendments to the Dog Act 1976 as part of the State Government’s commitment to Stop Puppy Farming by regulating the breeding and sale of dogs in Western Australia.

The Bill proposes to introduce:

  • Mandatory dog de-sexing, unless a dog is exempt, to prevent overbreeding;
  • The requirement for dog breeders to obtain an ‘approval to breed’ from their local government to allow dodgy breeders to be traced and identified;
  • A centralised registration system to hold information on dogs and cats to assist authorities identify dogs and dog breeders;
  • The transition of pet shops into adoption centres to provide more outlets for unwanted dogs.

The Bill must be debated and passed through Parliament before the provisions become law and take effect. A public awareness campaign will be launched to inform the community on how it will affect different stakeholders.  

More information

Fact sheets on the proposed provisions and more information are available on our website.



Page reviewed 30 July 2019