About us

The department works collaboratively with government, community organisations, peak bodies and other stakeholders to achieve our vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive and connected WA community.

Our vision

Creating a vibrant, inclusive and connected WA community.

Our mission

To enable dynamic and inclusive communities and support the WA economy through effective regulation and the facilitation of outstanding sporting and cultural experiences and opportunities.

Our values

Our values include:

  • customer focused
  • responsive
  • respectful
  • accountable
  • innovative.

Executive leadership

  • Duncan Ord OAM, Director General
  • Michael Connolly, Deputy Director General
  • Glen Kar, Executive Director Corporate Services
  • Gordon MacMile, A/Executive Director Local Government
  • Kim Ellwood, Executive Director Sport and Recreation
  • Rob Didcoe, (interim) Executive Director Culture and the Arts
  • Anna Wyatt, Director Aboriginal Culture and History
  • Kim Ellwood, Executive Director Office of Multicultural Interests
  • Lisa Fanciulli, Executive Director Infrastructure

Operational structure

  • Director General
    Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
    • Perth Theatre Trust
    • Western Australian Museum
    • Art Gallery of Western Australia
    • State Library of Western Australia
    • Local Government Investigations and Assessment Unit
    • Strategic Coordination and Delivery
    • Local Government and Policy Engagement
    • Strategic Initiatives
    • Regulatory Services
      • Policy and Innovation
      • Decision and Review
      • Local Government
      • Applications and Combat Sports Commission
    • Corporate Services
      • Digital and Technology Services
      • Business Operations
      • Human Resources
      • Legal Services
    • Sport and Recreation and Local Government Planning
      • Sport and Recreation and Development
      • Strategic Policy and Investment
      • Participation and Camps
      • Regional Services
    • Culture and the Arts
      • Industry Partnerships and Development
      • Investment Research and Policy
    • Office of the Director General
      • Corporate Communications
      • Ministerial and Executive Services
      • Corporate Governance
      • Strategy and Transformation
      • Legal
    • Office of Multicultural Interests
      • Community Engagement and Funding
      • Community Relations and Information
      • Strategy and Planning
    • Infrastructure
      • Infrastructure Policy and Governance
      • Infrastructure Planning and Investment
      • Place Management and Asset Maintenance
    • Finance and Procurement
      • Finance
      • Procurement
    • Aboriginal History WA
    • State Records Office

Portfolio structure

Department interagency relationships

Strategic Directions: 2020-2023 cover

Strategic Directions: 2020—2023

Strategic plan
The department's strategic directions.
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